In order to be successful in today’s current business climate, you need two key elements to be profitable:

  • Quality product
  • Specialized Marketing and Sales plan to move your product


When you hire Mountain View Sales and Marketing, you’ll be partnering with one of the finest Sales and Marketing agencies covering the 9 Western States and Canada. We’re a dedicated team that knows the customers in the region and specialize in current marketing trends with a common sense approach. Our agency serves Alaska, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Utah, and California, along with the All Provinces in Canada, Specializing in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan.


The Mountain View Sales and Marketing team strives daily to improve our customer relations and how we can initiate the difference between good and excellent! With our 5 qualified sales staff we bring to you 45 plus years of experience, accomplishments and accolades in the automotive aftermarket, industrial and Heavy Duty. Over the year’s we have worked through various marketing trends and challenges. This opportunity affords us the ability, confidence, and enthusiasm to diligently work for factories we represent.


Our purpose is to increase profitable margins. We achieve our goals by first, building a relationship between factory, product and the consumer. No two warehouse distributing businesses function alike in procedures and day-to-day business practices. Secondly, we utilize the following standards; we work to ensure your products are carefully positioned; advertised, promoted. So we can market your products aggressively!


Simply stated, our accomplishments prove success. As your factory representative, our first goal is to prepare a strategic marketing plan which consists of specific advertising and training of your product line. The strategic plan will also outline the responsibilities we will perform to promote your product. Our fundamental objective is to do what it takes to make your merchandise the number one selling product in the industry


In today’s market, you need to be consistently focused and thankful for every business opportunity you receive from your customers. You need a consistent presence, friend-to-friend relationship with every individual customer to gain these relationships. Mountain View Sales team provides these skills to improve day-to-day business needs.